strange key signatures in my score

• Feb 17, 2019 - 16:59

Hi all.
In the attached intro to "Black Hole Sun" the full score key signatures are as expected. Flugals 6#s, Altos 7 #s and the bass 4 #s.
However when clicking on the instrument tabs it all goes belly up. The Flugals get 4#s, Alto 1 7#s but Alto 2 4#s. Is my version of MS3 corrupt or have I been even more stupid than normal.

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: a8b90a8

On a slightly different point, is it possible to change the TAB name so that it corresponds to the instruments name?


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Given the choices....stupid is the wrong word. Ignorant (you don't know) is a better word. You have the concert pitch button pressed on the instrument parts with the strange key signatures and not pressed the expected key signatures. It turns darker when you press the button.

To change the tab names, open the File->Parts... dialog, select the name you don't like and change it in the middle of the screen.

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wo thanks for that. I had assumed that pressing the "concert key button" applied 'across the board. I hadn't even noticed it was different. Has that been the case since MS 1.3 ish days? Its bizarre that its not happened to me before. Still, you learn some thing new every day and that's very true of MScore! Thanks again
As to the TAB names. I've changed them in the Parts dialogue box as you suggested but the TAB titles remain as before. (see attached)

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If you save the score close and reopen the part name changes are seen. This should not be necessary and should be reported in with a severity of S4-Minor with Workaround checked.

As for the concert pitch button, I don't remember 1.0.3, but I know it worked the same at least starting in 2.0.3. To be clear for anyone else finding this thread, the concert pitch button applies to any score or part you are looking at. Clicking it does not affect other parts that already exist. Parts default to the concert pitch button pushed. The main score is determined by the template you use or the concert pitch button not pushed if you choose select instruments.

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