Pasting multi-syllable lyrics from a text file

• Jul 28, 2014 - 14:50

When I enter lyrics directly in MuseScore 1.3 one syllable at a time, using a - to separate syllables in multi-syllable words, the - appears nicely centred between the syllables. However when I paste in lyrics from a text file in which syllables are split by - [space] using the multiple Cmd-V method the - appears directly after the preceding syllable i.e. "forum topic" would appear as "fo- rum top- ic" instead of "fo - rum top - ic"
Is there a way to achieve the symmetrical spacing of the dash using the paste-from-text method? (I am using a MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.5)


BTW, the pasting facility will be improved in MuseScore 2.0

Fo-rum top-ic

will paste as expected. I don't think there is a solution yet for underscores / extenders, though.

...between entering lyrics 'manually', or 'pasting from text' with Ctrl+V, or Cmd+V.

I think the OP was referring to this - how to paste from text and have the dashes appear centered between the syllables (the way they appear when entered manually):



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Easiest way (if you must enter from a file rather than directly, that is) is to enter the text with just spaces (i.e. strip out the hyphens) and then go back through the piece and enter the hyphens. You double-click immediately after the first syllable with a hyphen, enter a hyphen for a hyphen (obviously) and then press the space bar to jump through the next syllables in turn until you get to the next hyphen...and so on.

Fo rum to pic

then edit it to

Fo - rum To - pic

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It seems like double-clicking anywhere in the syllable (not necessarily at the syllable's end) of a word, then entering a dash will accomplish the same thing - that is, a centered dash between that syllable and the next.

Still, the question remains: Why two different outcomes depending on each lyric entry method?
Should they not be alternate ways to achieve the same result?


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