Beginner: How do I add notes to my piano score's bass clef without the treble clef accepting them?

• Feb 18, 2019 - 19:56

I'm very new to this. The note input feature makes complete sense to me as far as writing one voice, but I'm trying to add chords to the bass clef of my score and they keep simply adding to the first voice. When I switch to voice 2, the same thing happens. I've been all over youtube looking for some help, but, apparently, I'm just too much of a beginner. Can someone please let me know how to add notes to my bass clef?

Thank you!


Voice does not affect which staff you are entering notes on. Every staff needs notes in voice 1. To put notes on a different staff, click the staff. To make a chord, enter a note and press shift while entering the next note. You can have all the notes in a chord you want.

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If you select a note and add a note to the chord you will automatically go into note input mode, so this doesn't make sense. Is it because you were using the mouse to move the cursor while in note input mode? If so, I understand what you were doing wrong.

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