Can't find segment trailing space in the Inspector?

• Feb 20, 2019 - 03:12

I'm very much liking the changes and improvements in version 3. Congratulations to all the developers who were involved in this major upgrade!

Unfortunately, I'm not finding an important feature that existed in version 2; this feature seems to have vanished in the version 3 release.

In version 2, when selecting a note and calling up the inspector, one could find both a "Leading space" and a "Trailing space" for the Segment. In version 3, I'm not seeing the Trailing space. It's a feature that I use often, and I'm not sure how to work around its absence. Can it be brought back?

For example, a chord symbol at the end of a system can sometimes go off the right edge of the page; I could fix this by selecting its note, and increasing that note's segment's "Trailing space".

Without this feature, I find myself resorting to increasing the stretch of the entire measure, which isn't what I want because then the other notes in the bar also spread out, at which point I have to move the notes by hand.

(Thankfully, the main use of the "Trailing space" feature in version 2, which was correcting the spacing of lyrics on melismas, is no longer needed because lyrics now behave correctly. Hurray!)

Please help,



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