I can't download MuseScore

• Jul 29, 2014 - 03:44

Sorry, I already posted this earlier but I still couldn't figure it out. I'm using OS 10.9.4.

I downloaded the file off of the website. I opened the .dmg file, where it
told me to put Musescore 1.3 into the applications folder. I did so, and it
didn't do anything. If I try to open Musescore from the applications folder
it just tells me to put it into the applications folder again. Any help?


I don't know the first thing ablut MacOS, but it sounds to me you are trying to run the MuseScore *installer*, nott MuseScore itself. what you download would normally be the installer; you have to rin that on order to onstall MuseScore on your syste,, and then you would normally delete the installer and run the program you just installed instead. But again, I don't know MacOS at all.

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The .dmg file is labeled as MuseScore-1.3.dmg. The MuseScore 'disk' is labeled as MuseScore 1.3. I followed the instructions just as it says, and once "MuseScore 1.3" is placed into to applications folder, it is not recognized as an application as it should. Am I dragging the wrong file?

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Yes you are probably dragging the wrong file. You need to open the MuseScore disk and inside you will find an icon with "Mu" and a fermata, the logo of MuseScore, and "Applications". You need to drag and drop the MuseScore logo to Applications. The MuseScore logo one is the MuseScore app, it's the one you want to run from Applications on you drag and drop it there.

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