Trying to copy a score from MuseScore 3 to MuseScore 2

• Feb 25, 2019 - 12:39

I have MuseScore 3, and predominantly use this now. However, I have kept MuseScore 2, as one of my colleagues uses Linux, and apparently MuseScore 3 isn't yet released for that platform.

I want to share a score I've just written in MuseScore 3 with this colleague (so he can review and edit it), but I cannot copy the score. I was attempting to do this block by block (via copy and paste, using Control+C and Control+V), as the score has different time signatures and I know from past experience that simply copying the entire score won't copy the changes in time signature.

However, while copy / paste works fine within MuseScore 3, it will not work from 3 to 2. Nothing happens!

Is there a way of copying (even bar by bar) from MuseScore 3 to MuseScore 2?

Thank you!


MuseScore 3 is released for every platform, for every Linux as AppImages. Whether the distribution maintainers also have made it available is a different story though.

To load MuseScore 3 scores in MuseScore 2, export/import as MusicXML

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I'll get my friend to check if he can now download MuseScore 3 - hopefully he can.

In the meantime: I tried exporting my MuseScore 3 file in both *.xml and *.musicxml formats, then opening said file in MuseScore 2. However, on both attempts, I get a message that the file is corrupt, Message is "Bar 19 Stave 4 incomplete. Expected 4/4; Found 17/16" - and there are several "errors" like this. Which is weird, as the supposedly incomplete bars are quite correct. Might there be something else I should try?

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