Where to put guitar chords....

• Jul 29, 2014 - 06:42

Excuse my brainlessness , but it's normal with a voice & guitar staff to have to chords over the top staff, isn't it? I put them above the guitar & it just don't seem right. Especially after adding lyrics. (my voice staff is the top one & when all the guitar parts start repeating I'm making them invisible)


You can add them anywhere you like. You are probably thinking of the so-called PVG (piano voice guitar) format, which has a single vocal staff and a piano grand staff, with the chord symbols above the vocal staff. So you are welcome to create your music this way as well. But since you mention having a specific guitar part - you are writing out notes for the guitar player? - you could add chords there. not sure what you are trying to accomplish; a single guitar player wouldn't normally be able to play a written part and chords at the same time.

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