No 3.0.2 MS version update available for Windows x86

• Feb 26, 2019 - 07:56

I expect not to bother anyone again with my request, but I've noticed something that isn't properly a bug within the ms software, but rather an inconsistency/incomformity about the webpage

The thing is this:
Official latest stable release for MuseScore is version 3.0.2, which is announced literally that way for every platform in which MuseScore is available for installation, as seen in the homepage:
and also in the Download portal:

Yet, the download page starts downloading the installation file for the immediate previous version (3.0.1) when it comes to download the 32-bits version for Windows. This happens for all languages of the website –I already tried in the original (en) and other languages– and it doesn't happen for its counterpart the 64-bits version, where it does download the right installation file.

Anyone knows why?
My first guess was –with all respect, seriously no offense– someone perhaps commited a lil' mistake at the website and uploaded the wrong file for download; but that'd be prejudice or just ignorance, don't know either if rather 3.0.2 version isn't ready yet for Windows 32-bits.
I look forward for version 3.0.2 being available since it contains many bug fixes and optimizations as I could read in its release note log.


Up to very recently build a 32bit version was a manual task. As of MuseScore 3.0.3, due today, this will be automated.
Also there is a Windows Store version (for Windows 10) available that is 32bit and is MuseScore 3.0.2

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