A text row that enlarges the right menu very much

• Feb 27, 2019 - 12:00

I found that when I mark some text, there is a setting that has so long text, that the menu to the right gets too big and hard to work with. Of course one can pull it so it becomes broader, or close text settings, but this was never to be done on MS2.

As you can see, it is on my anguage Swedish, and I do not know how it looks in English.

The high lighted text makes the buttons to the right disappear if the menu is made less broad (as with almost every other setting menu than text in some kind).

Maybe one can go into some file oneself to change this text row, or give it row break?

The pic is from my computer with 15,6" screen, but on my sons 13" screen the menu took halv of the working space.

And, please, I know this is a small issue, not the greatest and worst of things that can happen. I thought I would ask anyway, since I maybe could change the text myself in some file.


That text is "Size follows 'Staff space' setting" in English, quite a bit shorter, and the Inspector width narrower with that
More space could be made available by moving the checkbox to the left edge (requires a code change)

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