Concert pitch wonky.

• Mar 5, 2019 - 21:58

Further to this score: (Page up/down in continuous mode.)

There is something wrong with the concert pitch function.

After working on Part 2, with concert pitch engaged, I saved and closed the score and shut the computer down.

I came back later, rebooted and loaded the score to work further. I disengaged the mm function and the up/down works properly.

However, Part 2 has now altered the Bb part so that when concert pitch is engaged, it is a tone higher, and when disengaged, it is a tone higher than that.

The score is not altered, only the part.

This happened in this score previously but I just recopied the proper changes and ignored it, thinking it was a one off.

I attach the score again here for convenience.

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3 Where Im Led 2 Score-Piano.mscz 43.48 KB


I can confirm things are messed up here. The question is, can you make it happen again and give us steps to reproduce the problem?

The one thing I know about that could be involved is that the "Concert pitch" style setting is messed up in 3.0.4 - if you use Format / Style to toggle concert pitch, it messes up the key and chords in a way that looks quite a bit like this. Workaround is to only use the concert pitch button for toggling that setting. That bug is already fixed for a future update.

But if you don't think you ever changed the concert pitch setting using the dialog, then that can't be it. I wouldn't be surprised to find that something about having the same instrument included in multiple parts is causing this.

Anyhow, workaround for now seems to be, delete that part and create it anew.

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I only use the concert pitch button, so it is not that.

As to having the same instrument in different parts, I never had that problem before so to me it seems that it was introduced when we went to 3.

I am quite certain that I was in concert pitch when I closed the program if that helps.

The other "odd" thing is I am quite sure that the mm function was turned off in that part, yet when I reopened the score it was engaged again. Possibly it is related to that??

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I have figured out how to reproduce this, and you are absolutely right - it has to do with saving the file when the score is in concert pitch and the parts are not. I actually ran into this myself earlier today but still couldn't figure it out.

For the exact same reason, it's also possible to get the result you reported with mmrests, if you had turned them on in the score when saving - that will force them to be turned on in the part as well.

Here is the bug report filed that finally provided the key: #285781: Non-default style settings in score get applied to all parts on reload, leading to bad transposition and other loss of data

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