MuseScore3 won't open after installation

• Mar 8, 2019 - 09:55

I have downloaded and installed four separate times, each time I get the following after installing and clicking to open (picture attached).

Had to revert to MuseScore2.1.

Any idea how I can fix? I tried the "Repair" option, the result is no different.

Using an HP Pavilion, Intel Core i3, no other major issues with this machine. Thanks.

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Thanks for your reply. I had recently "refreshed" my computer, so I actually forgot that I would need to do Windows Update before anything else. I may also need the C++ stuff but I have other steps to do first, and need real wi-fi in order to do so. Will let you know how I get through.

Resolved, FINALLY.
I realized that the problem was that after doing a "Refresh My PC" I hadn't updated EVERYTHING.
Once I made sure I had all the windows updates, all the Visual C++, and so on, then I was able to open MuseScore3 (also, Audacity which was missing a different .dll file).
Thank you for the advice, and Yay!!!

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