Repeat-bars symbol in empty bars

• Mar 13, 2019 - 01:48

When I insert a "Repeat last four bars" symbol inside four empty bars with hidden notes, it looks OK when I leave empty bars showing as in (a), but when I have empty bars hidden as in (b), some of the empty bars remain separate and some are merged under an empty bar number.


(Which bars remain separate and which bars are merged depends on the bar to which the symbol is anchored; in this example, the symbol is anchored to the second of the four bars.)

How can I keep all four of these empty bars showing, with no empty bar number, when I have empty bars hidden, like (a) in the example (or is there a better way to notate this)?

NB: This does not happen with the "Repeat last two bars" symbol, which can be used as a work-around as in (c), but I would rather have (a) if possible.


If you don't want any multi measure rests, you can press M to get rid of them.

If you do want multi measure rests, then press M, right click the second measure, choose Measure properties and check the box "Break multi measure rest" click OK and press M to restore multi measure rests in the rest of the part.

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