Compatibility with Songbook för Android

• Mar 14, 2019 - 09:57

Two questions:
Have you solved the compatibility problem with 3.0? Songbook (and MuseScore 2.0?) cannot load files created in 3.0.
Is MuseScore for Android (and Iphone) free of charge for lifetime if you bought the app Songbook earlier?


Well, the Songbook app is dead, no longer available in the stores, it got replaced by the MuseScore App quite a while ago.
But that indeed up to pretty recently couldn't deal with MuseScore 3 scores.
It can now though. But maybe still only in the Beta version (I'm participating in the Beta program,which you could too, I think), and at least the MuseScore App version 2.2.3 (and today's 2.2.5) can read MuseScore 3 files.

The MuseScore App for Android and iOS is indeed free of charge for lifetime if you bought the earlier Songbook App for either. You'd just need to get past the dialog that asks you for a subscription and get to the login setup and enter your credentials there (the same as when you bought it)

However: This all has got nothing to do with, it should get discussed on, like in and/or

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