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• Mar 18, 2019 - 23:47

After formatting a piece of music, I was trying to take the highlight off. I thought I just needed to tap in another section on the page, but all I succeeded in doing was crash Musescore.
So please, how do I turn the highlight off?


Can you explain what you mean by highlight? If you mean, something is selected, then indeed, clicking elsewhere would normally do it, or press Esc/ If you're seeing a crash, that's obviously a bug, so please attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem so we can investigate.

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Think this has happened about 8 or 9 times now. I have gone into edit, chosen a score on a particular instrument (tenor) - AltA to highlight the score, then formatted to change the number of bars per line. Having done that I have clicked elsewhere on the page and, normally, yes, it has cleared the highlight and I have the page looking like I wish it. For some reason it didn't do it these few times. I can't remember which score it was now, but have tried it with El Condor Pasa, which is our group's version, and it happened again.

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I don't know whether it has got something to do with transferring the music from the 2.3.2 version, where the music was originally. The music changes automatically to version 3 when it's opened, which I have got. I've got no control over the original music and will have to wait until the group co-ordinator is able to finish the work on the music over to version 3 - hopefully that will fix it.

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I need a help: I've to create a score and a copy of it : I've to highlight the difference between the original (new version) and the copy (old version) coloring the SINGLE note with a different color.. e.g. in the original score there is a D at the beginning of the piece while in the copy there is an can I testify the difference between original and copies? the only option I've found is to give a different color to each note...I DON'T NEED A RAINBOW SCORE! I need to highlight a difference between two pieces that are QUITE the same.
The second question is: the copy need to have a third line in order to put the bass... is the any possibility to do it without copy and past beat by beat from the previous score? Thanks Silvia Nieder

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