reinstall - what to save

• Mar 20, 2019 - 18:12

Out of the blue my musescore 3.0.5 does no longer accept input for the computer keyboard. I tried the nightly and had no problem. So I think a reinstall will cure it.
What do I have to save and delete before reinstall? I can only think of my custum styles, the shortcuts and the custom pallet.
Is there something I have forgotten?
Is there something I should try before?


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I found out that the shortcuts.xml had the correct size but only nul values. So I had to replace this file with an older backup and redo the last changes. Now everything works fine again. I had noticed a Musescore crash before while adding a shortcut. But I had been able to to restart and change the key binding. The key binding in memory appearently was still correct but something went wrong with the saving process. So I did not notice the problem until the next start of Musescore. Now I understand why it did not respond to my computer's keyboard.

On a reinstall there's nothing you need to save, all scores and settings stay.
On a factory reste you'd lose the settings (including shortcuts), but not the scores

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