Copy / Paste lyrics problem

• Mar 22, 2019 - 04:01

I'm using Musescore 3.0.5.
I know I've done this successfully before with 3.0.2, but it's not working for me now. I'd be surprised if it had to do with the version update.

I'm trying to copy and paste lyrics from one staff to another. The rhyrhms on both staves are the same. But the lyrics are misplaced.

I tried this two ways, once by selecting notes, second by selecting the lryic itself, but the result is the same.
On the first staff, I selected the first note with a lyric and shift-clicked the last note with a lyric.
I right-clicked on a lyric,
Select -> All Similar Elements in Range Selection
Click the first target note on the second staff.

The lyrics on the second staff are correct for almost all of the first system, except they are missing from the last eighth note.
They get pasted in the middle of the second system/second staff.
The end lyrics are simply missing.

I've attached the original score before copy/paste, and a second score with the result of the copy/paste.

What am I doing wrong?


Attachment Size
Because.mscz 22.2 KB
Because-LyricsMisplaced.mscz 22.12 KB


Thanks, Marc.

Well, now I feel a little foolish. Sorry for the time spent.

The rhythms are not identical. In my mind, the slur over the notes and the single word sung over those five beats made them "identical". :-) The same thing occurs in measure 9, where not all three staves are identical in rhythm.


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