Musescore is now quitting unexpectedly every time I open it

• Mar 22, 2019 - 19:37

Hi. I just downloaded and ran repair for 3.05 to maybe fix the problem. It didn't help.

The program will not stay open after I start it and open a score from the Recent menu.
I'm attaching the files I've been working on.
Please help.
I wish I could go back to version 2 right now! But I'd have to start over again.


It just occurred to me, looking at a print out... I had just made parts with more than one instrument, in this case violin 1 and 2, when I saw it was an option. That's new. It's a great idea. But maybe that is the problem?

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musescore starts just fine. It's only after I open one of the docs and start to work that it suddenly quits -- unexpectedly. And randomly. It also starts fine by double clicking on a file.
Thanks for the tip about the xml and previous versions.

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I'm Windows 10 on a Dell laptop, Inspiron 15. Windows just updated yesterday. The trouble with Musescore started the day before.
I never changed anything from the factory settings because I was using 3 for the first time! It kept crashing after I installed 3 back in January, so I kept using 2.
Thanks for the files.

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