Drum Midi Import

• Mar 22, 2019 - 23:40

Hi Everybody,
I'm facing troubles for the transcription of a drum midi file.
What I have understood is that B0 = Bass Drum; D1= Snare; F#1= Hi-Hat Closed and C#2= Crash.
Given this, I was preparing a Midi File but it doesn't report more than one note in the same time (unison).
So if I use a Crash with a Bass Drum together, MuseScore doesn't write two notes but only one (so missing the Bass Drum and reporting only the Crash).

Does anyone knows what I am doing wrong?
(I have attached both, the midi file and then the MuseScore File of the Drum)

Thank you very much


Attachment Size
MuseScore Drum Default.mid 463 bytes
MuseScor Default.mscz 9.12 KB


If I import your MIDI file in MuseScore, Iget a piano stave with 2 staves. If I change the 2 staves for drum stave the result is good. Idem if i open 2 new staves of drums, and cpoy-paste the bad staves (piano) in it

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