Importing Piano Midi from Logic - left and right hand?

• Mar 23, 2019 - 11:29


I'm new to MuseScore and am desperately trying to finish off a piano score that I composed using Logic. I imported it using Midi and am tidying it up and adding slurs, dynamics etc.

The problem I have is the notes won't always behave because they appear to be split, quite randomly, between two voices.

What I'd like to do is keep the left hand to the bass clef and the top the right cleff. I can't just change voices and when I do I get a rest where in the bass clef. How can I set up the staves to be left and right hand and then allocate the notes to each part? Often the change voice button does nothing. I've included a snippit of the mess that is happening.

This is needed for a funeral next week. Thanks

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Learn how to use the software. The easiest way is usually to delete the note in one staff and enter it in the other staff in situations like you are showing.

Reading and should get you on the right track. If you run into difficulties, then ask more questions. People are willing to help.

FYI, outside of MusicXML, the transfer of music from one program to the other usually requires some rearranging of the notes depending on how the two programs agree on the export and import of music using the other methods. MusicXML usually gets the notes correct, but is hit and miss on the other items.

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Thanks for attempting to help Mike. It did feel a bit like RTFM, but I get the point about learning the software. In this case, I have a specific problem and limited time. In the end, I found that the score function in logic was much easier to do this task than MuseScore, and I can still use the piano roll to edit the music. In Logic you set the staff, set a different midi channel to each staff then select the tool that allows you to draw a line between the left and right hand. Each note can then be set to a channel without limitation and the score adapt. I hit a brick wall with MuseScore and more than one person suggesting things like splitting the Midi into two files or musing MusicXML.

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