Problem with slurs not transfering to PDF

• Mar 24, 2019 - 03:29

I have a completed score that when I export the score and parts in PDF the slurs aren't showing on the parts but they still do in the score. Never had this problem until I downloaded Musescore 3. Help!


Maybe a Fonts problem?
Which version of MuseScore on which operating system?
Can you attach here the score you are having problems with?

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I loaded your score into both 2.3.2 and 3.0.5. I can see that in both cases, you have set your slurs to be unusually thick in the score and extraordinarily thin in the parts. This looks identical in both versions. And when I expect to PDF, that's exactly what I see as well - the PDF shows thick slurs in the score, thin ones in the parts.

Actually, if I go to Style / General in 2.3.2, or Format / Style in 3.0.5, I can see that you've actually set your slurs to have 0 thickness in the parts. So if anything, there is a bug that they even display at all. But I guess the super-thin slurs are what gets generated. Again, though, it seems the same in both versions to me.

Are you seeing something different from this? If so, please explain precisely - step by step - how to reproduce the problem.

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