• Mar 24, 2019 - 15:48

Congratulations on an excellent application which is improving all the time. One odd problem I've noticed, which only started with the upgrade to 3.0, is that it's become subtly harder to select a bar. It can be done, of course, but previously it was easy and reliable with a single click whereas now I find I have to click around within the bar, sometimes several times, before the bar is selected. It's strange but noticeable when you produce a lot of scores as I do. A small fault in the scheme of things, but a bit of a nuisance. Keep up the good work.


Definitely more difficult to select a bar. I have just started a new Bb trumpet score, pasted the notes from the piano score that I've written. Now it seems impossible to select a bar, without clicking on the first note and Shift to the last note. There has been a change in something here.

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Right. I've now gone back to the original piano version. Created a new Bb cornet instrument, copied and pasted from the piano instrument and adjusted the keys to make it work properly. And everything is fine. Something happened when I created a new score, added a Bb cornet instrument and pasted from the piano instrument I had in a previous score. That broke the Select Bar function. Incidentally, when I pasted the notes, all the bars with a whole bar rest, undid themselves back to individual crochet rests.
So I'm sorted. Hope this helps somebody, somewhere.

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