Guitar "Let Ring" Problems

• Mar 25, 2019 - 12:50

The current guitar "let ring" line is too basic so that it does not always play back correctly.

Once plucked, a guitar string will continue to sound until the note naturally decays away or the player stops the note, (e.g. by playing another fret on the same string or by muting the string).

The attached score highlights 2 scenarios where playback is incorrect. For the sake of argument I am assuming that the natural decay is 4 beats, but in practise it could well be more.

Measure 1 is correct.

Measure 2 is incorrect since the ring only lasts for 1 beat instead of 4.

Measure 6 is incorrect since the open string should only ring for 2 beats before being stopped by fret 4. It is, however, ringing for 4 beats.

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Guitar Let Ring.mscz 9.98 KB


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