page margin(?) changing occassionally throughout the score

• Mar 25, 2019 - 14:17

I have almost finished my score and have noticed that whilst most pages look to have more or less the same margins (top and bottom) as you'll see from the attached jpegs, there are a couple of pages (one in the middle of the score and the other being the last page) where the drummer drops off the page (or will be outside the printable margin)
As the margins are set globally, I was wondering if there is some way that i can fix the offending pages individually - though why they have changed is beyond me as its the same number of instruments throughout.


In general it's better to attach actual scores rather than pictures, otherwise we have to guess. But in this case, I feel pretty safe in guessing the dynamics are adding extra space between the staves on some pages, so you need to set your staff sizes / distances in such a way that these pages fit as well.

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