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• Mar 28, 2019 - 16:45

Dear MS Forum, Referring to pages 2 and 3 of the score: On page 2, I had named the instruments the way I wanted to have them appear by using staff text and dragging into place. however, this does not reproduce on the rest of the score pages, so I have to change this. MS seems to want an instrument name on EACH staff, as you can see beginning on page 3 and thereafter. I went back on Instruments in the initial setup, but don't see how I can change it from there. i want to put an instrument name on each staff the way MS will reproduce it throughout the score, just as what you do on Create New Score. How can I do this with this already created score? Thank You

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As an example, I have done what you want with the horns.

Here is what I did:

I opened instruments by pressing i
I chose Staff 1 on the first horn instrument and clicked on "Add staff" and clicked OK
I selected the first measure of what is now the third horn staff and pressed ctrl+shift+end to select everything for that instrument and pressed ctrl+c to copy it.
I selected the first rest in the second horn staff and pressed ctrl+v to paste everything from the 3rd staff to the second.
I pressed i to open instruments again and removed the horn with one staff and clicked OK.
I removed the staff text you added.
I right clicked one of the staves on the horn and changed the short name so it looks like it currently does and clicked OK.

The only disadvantage to this setup is that you have an extra step if you want staff 1 and staff 2 to have different dynamics. If you want them different you must click the dynamic on each staff and change the Dynamic Range in the inspector from Instrument to Staff. If the dynamics are the same, this step is not necessary.

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Hi Mike
, wow that is ingenious what you did! However, for me it's too complicated, and , as you say might have to put separate dynamics in for each horn staff. I was going to put all the Brass the way I had it on pg 2, but I guess you have to have an instrument name for each staff, not just numbers, with MS (for parts?) anyway, staff text doesn't work since I would have to do that for each page of the score manually.

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You do have to have an instrument name on each staff. There is also no text type that can be applied to every system except short instrument names. There is no easy way to separate out the parts with they are on a shared instrument as I did here, even in version 3.

In my original scores I don't get fancy in the layout. I put Horn 1 & 3 on the first staff and Horn 2 & 4 on the second staff (or whatever make sense to me in that score). If I decide that clarinets 1 & 2 need their own staves at any point in the score, I make it that way for the entire score. These are just examples of how I deal with the limitations of MuseScore. I don't think they are terrible things to do, but it would be nice if you could have instrument groups like in #279870: Proposed Bracket Functionality . This would make what you are trying to do automatic.

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