Problem Uploading a Score

• Mar 29, 2019 - 10:07

Hello to everybody,
I frequently visit Musescore site to see and hear the uploaded sheet music .
Then I decided to upload a score of mines , but I'm doing something wrong because :
-The Score is uploaded but when I go online to play it the instruments are totally different
and the result is really bad
- I tried to upload the rendered audio .mp3 but receive an error (impossible to upload)
even if it is a short piece.
So I ask which is the correct step by step procedure to have online my score which plays as the original ?


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Thanks a lot : I was just writing to say that I have solved the problem in this way :
- The piece was done in Musescore 2.1 and I tried many times to upload with File>Save online
but encountered the mentioned problem. Then I installed Version 3.05 , loaded the piece and resaved :
I repeated the same steps and it works !
Thus we have a practical solution which may be helpfull to somebody else.
Thanks for your support and Best Regards

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