Cymbal Rolls

• Apr 3, 2019 - 19:56

Probably been mentioned before but is there a way to get (or for musescore to integrate) much better sounding cymbal rolls, tremolo on top of a cymbal clash doesn't quite cut it for me when I need a big dramatic film-score like cymbal roll


Use the cymbal roll in the Marching Cymbals instrument, and throw a Sustain ( |______| in the Lines palette) under it. That way you don't get that robotic decay cut-off as it crescendos.

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Hi SketchMan3

I have added Musescore Drumline so that I can follow your advice above. I'm new to Musescore and generally computer-challenged. Despite reading the tutorial on MDL I cannot figure out how to do what you describe above.

Can you point me to step-by-step instructions or can you help?

Thank you!

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