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In a piano score, when a note in one voice is the same as the note in another voice, the two are overlaid on the staff. This is fine when they are of the same duration, but when they are not of the same duration, there should be some way to drag one of them slightly away. In my case, I have a staff with a whole-note chord in the bass clef on the first beat of the first voice. In the same beat of the second voice begins an arpeggio of 8th notes beginning on the same note as the bottom note of the whole note chord. I have found no way to separate the two notes so that one is not superimposed upon the other. Is there a way to do this, or is this a bug?


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That method in the handbook doesn't work for notes. I can move the stems, but I can't move the note heads. I can't imagine why anyone would want to move a note's stem so that you have a head without a stem and a stem without a head. If I double-click the stem and get a handle, all I can do is make the stem longer or shorter. I can't move it to the side which is what I need to do. Double-clicking the note head does nothing.

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What OS and what version MS?

If I understand, you want to move a covered note to the side.
This is what I do.

1. Select the note that is on top.
2. Move it up or down to make sure it is the note I want.
3. Double click on the proper note.
4. Using the arrow keys move it where you want it. The stem will not follow until you click out of the note you selected.

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You won't see a handle, but after double clocking the note head, the arrow keys should work. It will appear to move only the head, but when you hit Esc or otherwise leave edit mode, the stem will follow. If you still have problems, try it on another note also, to be sure there isn't something unusual going on with the note you are having a problem with. Also, it might help to post the score so others can try.

In MuseScore 2.0, default layout should handle this correctly, so there won't be a need to move notes for this reason.

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I finally got it to work. I was never able to get the whole note to move, but I finally got the eighth note to move. The problem was that it was in the 2nd voice and with the 1st voice already entered, the system was just not recognizing the double click on the 8th note. I found this out by trying to move another note in another measure and it worked. So I erased the whole measure and then entered the 2nd voice first, moved the note then entered the 1st voice and everything worked. Thank you for your help. I'm having other problems too, but I'll make another thread for each one. It would really be helpful if the handbook had an index... or at least a table of contents.

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I have the handbook. It's just difficult to find anything in it. If it had an index, or at least a table of contents, it would be much better. I read that a table of contents is planned for the handbook based on 2.0 and I'm sure it will be a great improvement. Can't wait for its release.

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The only way to get from here to there is to go through all the steps necessary. If you want to become adept at MS, you need to understand, basically, all of it.

I suggest just reading through the entire handbook, it really doesn't take that long. :)

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If you are referring to the PDF version of the handbook which comes with MuseScore, then it is incomplete.

The definitive version of the handbook is and always has been online reachable by the link I gave you and containing far more information together with links to tutorial videos and other helpful stuff.

That doesn't work for notes. I can move the stems of the notes, but I can't move the note heads. It's possible that I'm not doing it right, but I can't figure it out.

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