I can't find some files to transfer to msuescore 3

• Apr 7, 2019 - 20:31

so all my musescore files are in musescore 2, and I've done the thing where you transfer the files to musescore 3. However, only around 3 of my scores show up in the place where you open up the files so it's all stuck in musescore 2 but I don't want to keep musescore 2 on my computer when everything I do now is on musescore 3.


It is advisable to keep the two versions at the same time. Check the destination folders, the V3 generates its own one


There is no single "place where you open up the files". You can place your scores wherever you want, and neither we nor MuseScore knows where you placed there - you will need to tell MuseScore where they are. By default, MuseScore 2 looks for files in a folder called MuseScore2/Scores, whereas MuseScore 3 looks for files in a folder called MuseScore3/Scores.

Without knowing how your "transferred" your files, my best guess is that you simply opened them in MuseScore 3 from their original location - that you never actually moved the files to MuseScore3/Scores. There either you saved them to the MuseScore3/Scores folder or you didn't. If you didn't save at all, then you never completed the "transfer" and thus need to do it again but be sure to save this time, and be sure to save to your MuseScore 3 folder. If you saved them back to your MuseScore 2 folder or somewhere else, then that's where they are.

Basically, in order to assist, we really would need you to explain what you actually did - where your files were, how your "transferred" them to MuseScore 3, what you did from there, where you are expecting to find them now, etc.

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