Copy a written part into 2 parts on that staff

• Apr 8, 2019 - 08:01

I am trying to tell MuseScore that it should consider a part that I have written as two voices of that part. The instrument has two voices in only a small part of the pice so I did not write it out as two voices everywhere, which seemed time-consuming. Now I see that I cannot make two different parts from that instrument because of that. But how can I now copy the voice 1 into voice 2 also - so that I could make the part music sheets as I want them - is writing it out note by note, which would take much time, really the only option?
In my file, it is bassoon (Fgt.) from bar 32 where I did not write it out as two voices from the start and cannot make the two music sheets for parts now without doing that extra work.


First, I would make sure there are no rests in my selection like you have in the flutes in measures 25 - 30. You can select measures like this and press delete to get rid of the voice 2 rests.

Next, I would select the notes I want in both voices and copy them. use the Tools->Voices->Exchange voices 1-2 select the first beat I exchanged and paste (ctrl+v). This will put everything into both voices 1 & 2. Be aware that you need to have only whole measures selected when you exchange voices, it will then work with tuplets and ties that don't work with other methods of changing voices. If you end up with unnecessary rests in voice 2 you can select them and press V to make them invisible.

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