Position of Articulation Marks

• Apr 10, 2019 - 22:04

In Musescore 3.0.5, I want (in some cases) for accent marks to appear above the staff by default. I find that I can force an individual accent mark below the staff to switch to above the staff through the Inspector panel. However, after much searching, I can't find a way in Musescore 3 to set the default for all accent marks to go above the staff.

I found the attached panel (from the Handbook 2) exists in Musescore 2, but the "equivalent" panel in Musescore 3 doesn't support setting the articulation positions globally. Is it possible in Musescore 3?

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There is no way to set the position that way, but you can create a custom accent mark already force to above the staff, then save that to a custom palette as described in the Handbook under "Custom palettes".

Also, be aware the keyboard shortcut "X" works to flip most elements above/below the staff.

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