Repeated measures

• Apr 12, 2019 - 13:10

I download the Windows 64-bit product, and I downloaded the manual. I looked for documentation for the symbol for the repeated measure. It is only mentioned in the manual. Will it play back the repeated measure? How many measures can be repeated? Can you only repeat one measure at a time? This feature is also mentioned in the manual as a "winged repeat".


Repeat Measure, the % like sign, will repeat the preceding measure. But that as often as you enter that sign into subsequent measures.
Winged repeats are something different, wings to the repeat barlines |: and :|. These can span as many measures as you line and repeat then as often as you want.

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Thank you! And wow, that response was fast! If I were to have a wish list entry for this symbol, it would be to have the % with a number over it. The number - x - would designate to repeat the last x measures. As a simple example, on a score, a section could have two measures, different from each other (i.e. first measure plays a C and an E, second measure plays a F and an E), but those two measures are repeated 11 times. As a player, you might curse this chart. As an arranger, you have what you want there, but you hopefully want to make the reading as simple as possible.

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