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• Apr 13, 2019 - 08:53

Autoplacement has issues when writing scores for guitar: autoplacement of fingerings is problematical especially when adding fingering for both hands (1234 and piam). Turning off autoplacement for each of those entries is the only option I know of... (so far?).

Also when opening scores written in Musescore 2 the suggestion to 'reset the position of all elements' should not be followed: the new positions are totally unsuitable!


Can you explain the problems - ideally by attaching a score? The defaults should be very good already, including the results when you take the reset on import from MuseScore 2. And you can generally tweak things without the need to disable automatic placement. But indeed, there can be some cases where this might be needed, like taking a fingering that normally would appear above the staff and moving it onto the staff.

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I attached a score Danzas Espanolas: when opening that in Musescore 2, it looks OK to me... fingering indications are mostly entered into the staffs close to the notes (like I want them to, and as it is a rather common practice to do so).
When opening it in Musescore 3 all fingerings appear above the staff and interfere with other notations (see measure 43 for instance): when accepting the suggestion to reset the positions the interference between fingering indications and lines gets worse...

The second score I attached is a work in progress, it has been entered from scratch in Musescore 3: when I want the fingering to appear close to the notes I have to uncheck 'Automatic Positioning' in the Inspector for each of those... If I stick with Autoposition both lefthand and righthand fingering indications are positioned above the staff...
I manually put the fingering notations in the first two lines the way I want them... on the third line I let the Automatic Placement checkbox checked...left and right hand fingering notations are above the staff there as a result (like I don't want them).

It may be a matter of taste of course, but in most guitar scores the fingering notations are positioned close to the notes they refer to and not above or below the staff. Whatever the preference of the composer may be: it should be possible to enter those notations 'freely'.

Is there any way to turn off this Automatic Placement more permanently? (Instead of having to uncheck it for each note in the Inspector)?

Thanks for your help!

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It looks like you pretty consistently used the piano fingering instead of the LH guitar fingering, which is why they are placed above the staff in MuseScore 3. No problem, after importing into MuseScore 3 and accepting the reset, just right-click one of them, Select / More / Same subtype, then use the Inspector to change them to "LH Guitar Fingering". Now you'll see everything placed automatically almost exactly as you had in MuseScore 2 - but better, because fingerings on the first notes of the measure won't collide with the barlines. You can then fine-tune from there, but again, no need to disable autoplace when doing so, and in fact it's much more effective if you don't. The only time you would need to is to take something that normally appears outside the staff - like a string number or RH fingering - and move it onto the staff. Normally you shoudn't be doing that - standard engraving guidelines call for these to be outside the staff. But indeed, if you wish to deviate from the standard here or there, you can disable autoplace and get that result.

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