Guitar Fretboard Guide

• Apr 14, 2019 - 04:53


Since Musescore has already had a piano keyboard for quite a while (the one you press P, that shows all the notes being played), it is only logical that eventually a guitar fretboard is also implemented. Would be even cooler if you could change the tunings.

Are there any plans for this?


Yep this has been in the request list for a while.
Id like to add to the weight of it. As a bass player this would be very useful feature.

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A request since a while indeed. Several years, even.
And I fear very much that it will last, and still will last....
There is not, there has never been a guitarist developer in MuseScore. So, delicate for motivation! The only developer who had this "sensitivity" for strings was Miwarre. He could have done it. Alas, he no longer intervenes for the program. I always regret it! From memory, he said that everything was in place (well, the internal structure). But one should draw a "picture" of this fingerboard. And that represents a lot of time, I guess.

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hmm I would have thought drawing the fingerboard is the least of our troubles. Even I could and probably know enough of whats needed, have used many an online guitar players etc, can get around gimp, inkscape, coreldraw fairly well, to do that. But the code required to handle it (tuning, string numbers etc) that is, I appreciate, a fair wack of work and well beyond my noggin :(

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