• Apr 18, 2019 - 20:48

Hi, I too am waiting for a refund. I canceled the very same day you took out $49. It's on my credit card so there is proof. Please refund back on the card. Thank you.


Unless any of you work for musescore and get me a refund, not sure why you're responding to the responses to the response. First person said it, I mentioned another person did the same thing and it worked for them along with a few others. Subject done. Have a great day. Or we can keep doing this. lol Must be a boring day across Europe.

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Because despite all these responses you still seem to not grasp that posting here has no influence at all about the possibility of you getting a refund. Only going through the official channels (as indeed already mentioned in the first response) has an effect.

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It did back in the days when Thomas was still responsible for this and during the period of transfer of ownership to UG. It doesn't nowadays (somewhere since October 2018).
This information is just as much for you as for a future user. Posting payment questions in here does nothing but filling up the forum in a place where nobody of the current support team is reading it.

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