How do you change how fast a note loops (popping on a personal SoundFont)

• Apr 20, 2019 - 06:22

I need to know how to change the length of a certain instrument's note playback before it loops again because it keeps popping which I am quite sure is just due to the way Musescore does it's playback for that instrument. Only Musescore is having this issue with this singular instrument. This is a one-of-a-kind SoundFont someone made for me so getting another one is out of the question. The scenario specifically is that when you have a note past a certain length (half notes played at lengths less than 125 bpm.) the note suddenly ends and goes on a popping loop, continuously switching between popping and the instrument's intended sound. If you have a different solution I would appreciate any tips... I'm desperate.


I'm not a programmer but, just a "maybe"..., you could work around those issues changing some parameters into the "PREFERENCES" menu, tab "INPUT/OUTPUT". Specifically, I'm talking about the "FRAGMENTS" and "SIZE OF THE PERIOD" (when we use ALSA Audio).

But... I have experimented this with very large soundfont files only. But I cannot to say it is something related ONLY with the size of the font!!!

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I have experienced some kind of rare noise with some soundfont files (specially in some fast attack places), and some very rare silences too, but... It is the first time I hear that MuseScore doesn't work because a soundfont file!!!

If the issue is repeating too much... Please, write this as a bug (in this specific forum), because it is so weird!!!

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