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• Apr 24, 2019 - 00:38

Is it possible to change and save the "default settings" for the page margins? I print a LOT of music and the margins are too narrow for notebook hole punching, so I have to manually change the margins for EVERY score I print. So far, that's like 300 scores! Also, for multiple page scores, could the title be added to the page number? That sure would help sorting when a bunch of music gets "shuffled" somehow.




Do you mean for scores you create yourself? That should be possible if you create a style file and make it your default in Edit / Preferences / Score. If you mean for scores created by others, well, no, there is bo guarantee those scores even have the same page size. But you can also load that style file into any score. To create and load style files, go to the Format menu.

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Thanks, Marc! That's exactly what I needed to know. I didn't know where in the manual to start looking.
I play bass guitar in the local Senior Center "Fun Band", and most of their music is just melody with guitar chords. So I have to write my own bass line (pretty simple stuff - I'm real green) and keep it to a maximum 2 pages per song. With a new song list every week, that's a lot of formatting and printing. Your info will help me tremendously!

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