Musescore V3 Ottava deficiency

• Apr 27, 2019 - 18:06

The attached, test, score was prepared using Musescore V2. Measure 4 contains an Ottava positioned within the staff as opposed to above the staff. While this notation is probably considered unusual it has been used by major publishers in the past and is desired by some pianists for special purpose scores. At least one such purpose is producing scores to be used for teaching students.

It turns out that V3 of Musescore prevents such lines and, as best I can tell, any text from being so positioned within the staff. This is a significant enough problem to prevent, at least complete conversion, to V3 of Musescore.

If there is a way to do this in V3 an explanation or reference would be greatly appreciated. If not what is the possibility of revising Musescore V3 so that it can again accommodate such notation?


You basically are prevented from putting anything but notes on staves, most everything else avoids them by default. This is of course what is normal in music notation. If you want to move something where it doesn't want to go, then uncheck Automatic Placement in the inspector (F8) for the item.

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Learning about how "Automatic Placement" works was wonderful. However, there is still a problem with respect to "Lines>Line" in Version 3. To make the Ottava marking as indicated in Measure 4, with the bend, it seemed to be necessary to use both a "Lines>8va" and a "Lines>Line". Then they are positioned using diagonals that run up & down respectively. The "Hook" can then be removed from the "Lines>8va" portion. In the original example attachment there was NO hook used on the "Lines>Line" portion. However, such could be desired and can be added as indicated in the 2nd file being attached with this reply. In the case of Version 2 that hook is added using a "Line Properties" selection that is offered along side the "Edit Element" selection in the right-click selection list. It seems that this "Line Property" concept has been moved to the Inspector in Version 3 but when you select a 90 degree hook nothing changes on the element displayed on the score.

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