Add more plunger atriculation

• Apr 27, 2019 - 21:00

Hi, There are 2 symbols in the articulations tab. a + for closed and a o for open. but, when I want to have the player start witht the plunger closed, then open it gradually, I have to put +, then put in a seperate o (and o+ for open then closed) I was wondering if there could be an addition of 2 'new' symbols. one being a '+o' symbol and the other being a 'o+', this would save time from having to go through and put in the +, then go back to the tab and put a o, then have to place them next to each other carefully. (like, instead of o +, + o, being made up of 2 seperate symbols, there could be the additon of o+, +o, as their own symbol)

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