MIDI, svg, JSON relations

• Apr 30, 2019 - 02:24

I want to ask, can you generate MIDI and SVG according to the music score, then can you generate JSON files corresponding to svg? This JSON is used to control some properties of SVG


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Hello!Jo-jo - Schmitz
My current problem is that the exported SVG does not have the information I need. I would like to ask how to add "id" and "transform=" matrix() to "Note" in the MuseScore open source project to export SVG content customization.See the attachment for the specific format

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We added the id in the mscore/svggenerator in MuseScore3.0.5 project, but the resulting id in the class= "Note" element is selected, and the id is not accurate。
In the picture nearby in line 611 the id is still 607 but in line 612 the class= "Note" becomes 609 and the subsequent class= "Note" is added with 3 every time which is a bad problem

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