Default Time Stretch for fermatas and breath marks

• May 3, 2019 - 15:33

Is there a way to set the default Time-Stretch for all the fermatas (and breath markings) in a file? (I don't want to reset it for the MuseScore app itself; and, actually, I don't know if that is possible, either.)

I am transcribing a bunch of chorales—about 10 to a file—and it would be convenient if I could set the standard length of all fermatas to "2.00" and all breath marks to "0.50". Then I would only have to reset the few that differed from that default.


You can right click an item and use the context menu in a few ways:

Select all similar items (which I believe would be all fermatas or everything in the breaths and pauses palette).

Use Select>More... and chose the options that will limit you to the proper items (such as breath marks but not caesuras).

Once you have the correct items selected you can use the inspector (F8) to change the stretch on all selected items at once. If you want the stretch for all items to be 2 and the stretch field already says 2 when you have several fermatas selected, then change it to something else (like 1) then change it back to 2. This will force all items selected to change to 2.

Edit: keep in mind that breath marks currently act the same as caesuras. A breath mark on one instrument will pause all instruments on that beat.

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