Changing voices

• May 3, 2019 - 20:36

I have a choral score SATB = piano.
I want to have all the voices sounding piano for clarity when learning.


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There is no OK button. All changes are immediate. Make your changes and close the dialog box. Do you have a sound font loaded that allows you to select the sounds you want? You can see what you have loaded in View ->Sythesizer. See for more info.

I was a little unsure of exactly what you want to do. I'm explaining how you can change the sound of what you have written from SATB to piano or the other way around.

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Thanks Mike . Yes I wanted to change the voice sound on each part.
However I have tried the same exercise on other separate scores and it works perfectly, so I think this score must be corrupted in some way.
Since there is 160 bars its going to take me a long time to create the whole score again.

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