Measure number size in parts is bugged

• May 5, 2019 - 19:05

Measure number size in parts are a bit buggy. I'm trying to change measure number size in parts, but it doesn't want to save and reverts back to what the score size is set to. BUT, it's inconsistent. It differs whether you have only one part created, or multiple parts created. I haven't been able to pinpoint where it goes wrong exactly. All l'm fairly certain of is that measure number size in parts should not be linked to the score.

I've uploaded a test score to mess with this on, but unfortunately, I can't consistently pinpoint what the problem is exactly. When you have one part, it seems like measure numbers are linked to the score. But, when there is more than one part, this changes in more ways than one. I've tried changing the size in score only, in both score and part, in part only... I've tried resetting measure number size to program default (whatever is original default style size before you first change it).

This need more info than I'm willing to look into at this time. Maybe I'll give it another shot sometime soon, but I'm rather confused from trying right now. For a workaround, I just save the part as a separate file and work on it like a score.

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Ok, I think I narrowed it down. I don't think the bug has anything to do with whether you have 1 part, or more than 1 part as I originally thought. It actually has to do with what the program has as a default number for measure number sizes. Please watch my video here to understand what I mean:

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Actually, that fixes the problem. That method allows the measure numbers in the parts to remain at a size of 8. So, using inspector is not a bad workaround. But, changing it in the style menu would be faster if it worked correctly, so that still needs to be fixed.

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