Double basses

• May 5, 2019 - 22:50

Hi, just curious if there are any plans to include a double basses section similar to violins, violas, and violoncellos. For the first time I decided to switch violin to violins ect. to hear the difference, and I actually liked it, but basses couldn't receive the same treatment. I suppose for the time being, the only solution would be to transpose violoncellos an octave down and call it double basses.

Also might be worth be worth noting that upon switching the strings to section versions, all arcos in throughout the piece broke by deselecting all voices they're changing, whilst pizzacatos still have all voices selected, therefore are intact.


The section for double basses exists. The sound is soundfont dependent.

I have noticed that the templates use the string section sound for all strings which is atrocious, so I always change it.

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I agree, The contrabass section sounds better than the solo contrabass in a symphonic piece. I was talking about the Strings section sound that is the default for all stringed instruments. It doesn't do the cellos and basses justice. It's Ok for violas and fine for violins but the big instruments sound far different.

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