How to handle the order of auto placements for (some) symbols from the master palette

• May 6, 2019 - 22:38

It cames up from #288761: Incorrect order of auto placement by adding symbols from the master palette to notes with articulations and originally from a German forum topic:

There are some symbols, which obviously should be placed by default above articulations (and chord symbols, may be also other elements, they're above in the order of auto placement), . In these discussions it concerns the symbols for accordion registers, but I could imagine there are other symbols of the master palette too.

In this case it's difficult to see for an user after adding such a symbol to decrease the distance between articulation (for example marcato) and the note head by changing the horizontal offset (changing the vertical offset won't change the order or the distance) or deactivate the auto placement inside the inspector to get the expected result (= to place the symbol above the articulation). Here I don't see any sense to place it between the notehead and the articulation, maybe there are some?

Using a staff text and special characters could be way for that, but shouldn't be first choice in such cases in my opinion.

So for a better work flow I would recommend that such symbols from the master palette should easily be added to the top of a staff as mentioned without further necessary actions.

Or am I wrong?


A further thought this topic: a fretboard diagram would never be placed between a note head and an articulation. In this way: A symbol of an accordion register should be placed above an articulation, but also above a chord symbol (other cases where I saw it, was in front of/before a staff).

And with other elements of the master palette I have in mind for example several pictograms, string techniques or similar.

Different people use symbols for different purposes, but for me, adding them directly to the note itself is at least as common as wanting them above the staff. And for the latter case, one can use staff text and the Special Characters palette. So to me, it's already as it should be - depending on the behavior you want, either use the Symbols palette directly or text with Special Characters. Win/win.

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