Chord Names with Superscripts

• May 10, 2019 - 23:38

I am writing music for an arranger keyboard (Yamaha PSR 2000) and I add chord names at each chord change. MuseScore currently writes the elements in chords in the same font size i.e. "Am7". Is there any way to change that so that, in this case, the "7" is a superscript?


All things are possible in Musescore. At least that's what I always tell myself.

The answer is to write the chord symbol in word superscript and all and then copy and paste to musescore. Or for a 6/4 etc. add a textbox make it transparent with no border and make the font about 5. Copy paste.

It works.

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Actually, in the years since this threads was started, you can superscript extension very simply, using the settings in Format / Style / Chord Symbols. You can set the scale and offset for extensions and for additional modifiers (b9 etc) separately.

Regarding 6/4, not sure what you mean here, that's not something you'd ever normally see in a chord symbol, but it is of course common in Roman numeral analysis. That too is supported directly now, just use Add / Text / Roman Numeral Analysis, or define a shortcut for it. So you can simply type IV64 and get it formatted as expected.

I'm guessing that like microsoft software, you could run the world off your laptop. If by world you meant write anything in musescore.

I'm glad this is now a feature. I was looking for the answer and didn't find it.

To add superscript, go to Format>Style>Chord Symbols. You can use Extension and Modifier Formatting to add superscript or subscript. My preferred superscript formatting is Extension scaling to 0.75 and Extension Vertical Offset to -5.00. For subscript, change the Vertical Offset to 5.00. Hope this helps!

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