This is One Weird Score I Made!

• May 12, 2019 - 01:39

I made this a while back. I think that this is one weird song. Do you agree? Do you like it?


Frankly speaking, this is indeed weird because of not only the dissonant chords in the beginning but also the development in the piece. I don't see much developmental logic or emotional route here. And the biggest problem I want to ask is: why is this work connected with "earth is running out of sources"? In which sentences or paragraphs did you possibly convey what kind of things/feelings/mood related to it? It's not obvious to me, and I cannot infer anything about running-out-of-sources earth you're trying to deliver via this piece. I hope you don't get hurt when you see the comment, but it's just from my perspective I don't know why it has to be named "Resource Piano Solo".

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The reason for this title is because I wanted to write a piano solo set for my classmates in a course called resource lab. The reason for the subtitle is because I just wanted to advocate for saving resources, as the title already is "Resource Piano Solo." I also wanted to make the beginning as diminished as possible, as well as have the song have abrupt changes. I just wanted to have as weird of a song as possible.

If you want to see another weird score, here it is.

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Your motive is good, but that's still not the reason for you to write "as weird as possible/as weird as you want". A good and valuable music composition should convey emotion/moral/attitude from the composition itself and not from titles/subtitles/annotation forced upon in a far-fetched way. The thing is I don't see and hear anything that can clearly represent anything related to saving resources, neither pain, pressure, nor motivation, exertion... Though there are some points that can lead to one of the emotions above, the air is then quickly disrupted by the following weird-ness.

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