simplifying unnecessary tied notes

• May 13, 2019 - 01:43

I downloaded a score from the nets but these unvetted scores generally have problems and I like to fix problems. The score was correctly metered in 12/8 but should have had some 9/8 sections to sound right. So when I finally finished my gymnastics with time signatures, there were a bunch of originally correct dotted half notes that had at one point gotten temporarily turned into two tied dotted quarter notes tied across a bar. After I sorted everything out rhythmically now I have a bunch of tied dotted quarter notes within a bar that just clutters things up. I know I can fix it but is there some magic key where you can just select the tied notes and then do this as a single operation?


The only possibility is to save your score and use Tools->Regroup rhythms. If it ruins your score, just close it and discard the changes because you cannot undo it, that is why you need to save your score first.

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