System divider comes back in parts of a full score

• May 13, 2019 - 12:15

I would like my individual instrument parts of an ensemble score not to have system dividers - they are not necessary and tend to crowd out other information. I am able to switch them off in format - style - system - system divider, and I have saved a style file where they do not show up. However, after each new opening of a file, they are back, persistently. I only get rid of them when I load the style file again or switch them off manually every time I have the file open.
Is there a solution to that?

The attached file is saved after loading my style file (Partiistiil, no system dividers in parts) to Saxofoni and applying the style from Saxofoni to all parts. In my application, at least, the dividers are back after opening.

The full score, however, should have system dividers, as does its style file (partituuristiil).


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