Gregorian chant

• May 15, 2019 - 04:06

I need to write some for the mooc
1 mark no time signature - difficult to do in musescore I just set 100/4
1 mark no stem on note - difficult to do in musescore, I make the stem and head different colours and hope that that is ok....


Delete that score it's no good.

To suppress the time signature right click the staff, choose Staff/Part properties click Advanced Part properties and remove the check from show time signature and then check stemless. That will take care of two issues. You can click OK and then in the remaining dialog box remove the check from Show barlines to make the barlines not show.

Now, in version 3 it's very simple to change the duration of a measure. To add beats, add the notes of the selected duration by pressing ctrl+shift+n where n is the letter that names a note. When you get to the end of the line and want to start a new one, you will probably have some rests left over. Select them and press ctrl+delete to get rid of them. Don't worry about the blue + above the staff, it just tells you the measure is longer than the time signature.

Version 2 isn't so easy so I suggest you upgrade if you haven't.

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If you want to tie to notes together enter

n (to turn on note entry mode)
# (that is the duration of the note)
n (a letter for a note)
# (if different than the already selected duration for the second note)
+ (Creates a second note tied to the first)

If you have two notes already entered that you want tied, make sure they are the same pitch. It even works if one is A# and the other is Bb for example.
Select the first note and press + and they will be tied together.

New problem for week 4, how to go from normal piano to gregorian and then back again, when I try it it changes the whole score. Not essential for the mooc, at first I thought that there was only one upload box, but there are four. This mooc is very time consuming.

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Either use different instruments for the chant vs the piano and make use of "hide empty staves" to show the correct instruments in the correct spots.

Otherwise, turn the stems back on in the staff properties, select the ranges that should be stemless (click first note, shift+click last note) and use the inspector to make them stemless.

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