Start repeat barline with key signature change causes strange interactions

• May 16, 2019 - 00:34

[Version:, Revision: 58dd23d]

The start repeat barline gets placed in a slightly different location to other barline objects when combined with a key signature change which causes strange interactions with cresc./dim. lines, bar numbers, and presumably other objects as well.

Here is a sample of music with a simple double barline:
double barline.PNG
Here is that same sample with an end repeat barline:
end repeat barline.PNG
And here is the problematic start barline:
start repeat barline.PNG

Notice that both the lines of the rit. and the diminuendo are noticeably shorter and the bar number doesn't line up with the barline. This issue also causes a weird graphical glitch with the selection box:
start repeat barline selection.PNG

I don't remember this being an issue in Musescore 2. I presume the issue is connected to removing the back to back repeat barline and instead making the start and end barlines combine when placed next to each other:
start end repeat barline.PNG
start end repeat barline2.PNG


Can you either test with 3.1 beta, or attach the actual score (not just a picture)? We made quite a few fixes in this area, I suspect you will find things are better now.

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